The Metro’s Biggest Shoe Store is in SM Makati!

Shoe-lovers were in for a delightful Christmas treat as SM Makati opened its 4th floor, showcasing 25,000 pairs of shoes from over 300 brands including Parisian, Milanos and Salvatore Mann.ย 

The launch began with a short program and fashion show

Welcome remarks from Mr. Eugene Saw, Vice President of The SM Store.

The bubbly and shoe-lovin’ Joey Mead-King hosted the launch and went shopping too!

The SM Store’s top executives toast to a successful launch

After the program, we had a tour of the 4th floor and went shoe-shopping crazy!

Visit the 4th floor of SM Makati and take your pick out of the 25,000 pairs of shoes! Thank you SM Shoes and Bags for the super fun shopping party!!!

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