08/05/2013 The Philpop 2013 Winners on The Afternoon Cruise

The winning composers of the Philpop 2013 along with their interpreters, performed a live set on the Afternoon Cruise

Jungee Marcelo, 2nd Runner-Up for the song “Pansamantagal” interpreted by Julianne and Sitti Navarro. [That’s Ney Dimaculangan being cute on the left and Sitti tapping on her phone]

The winners of the Philpop 2013: Composers Thyro Alfaro and Jungee Marcelo, Ingrid,
Yumi Lacsamana, Sam Concepcion, Tippy Dos Santos, Sitti, Johnoy Danao and Ney Dimaculangan.

There always has to be a crazy shot.

Below is a video of them having fun during soundcheck:

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