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SM Store introduces the faces of Parisian, Salvatore Mann and Milanos

It was a big day for SM Shoes and Bags as they introduced the new Brand Ambassadors for house brands Parisian, Salvatore Mann and Milanos.

A few days ago, teaser videos were uploaded on the Facebook accounts of Salvatore Mann, Parisian and Milanos to give followers an idea of what each icon stands for.

Salvatore Mann exudes elegant masculinity. The leather shoes and bags that are known for their sleek designs and superior comfort, perfectly fit the true gentleman who is on top of his game and knows what he wants.

Luis Manzano’s many engagements require him to always be on his “man of style” mode. An in-demand television host, endorser and actor, Luis is happy that Salvatore Mann’s style and comfort allows him to breeze through all his movies, TV shows and shoots with ease.

Milanos is the go-to brand for the active boy-next-door with an edge. Marrying style and comfort, the Milanos guy can be a carefree student, an eager go-getter or a rebellious rocker–the possibilities are endless as Milanos shoes are fashionable yet versatile.

Sam Milby is the Milanos man! Exuding boyish charm while leading an active lifestyle, he is able to effortlessly shift through his many activities without compromising style.

Ah, the Parisian lady–it didn’t take me long to guess who she was. The mere mention of Paris and showbiz royalty immediately brought KC Concepcion to mind. KC embodies the true Parisian woman, combining fun and fashion, wit and candor, style and substance.

KC Concepcion, Sam Milby and Luis Manzano at the launch

A toast to the new brand ambassadors!

Luis Manzano for Salvatore Mann, KC Concepcion for Parisian and Sam Milby for Milanos


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