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The Mind-blowing Sale at The Body Shop!

My partner Chloe and I visited The Body Shop last week to take advantage of the mind-blowing sale!

30-70% off our favorite items? We stocked up on body butter, body wash and make-up! The famous Lip and Cheek Tint was at 40% off, while fragrances and gift sets were also very tempting!

My partner Chloe also got to try The Body Shop make-over

Looking fresh and not overly-done! Just the right kind of everyday make-up!

After her make-over, Chloe and I went on and “attacked” the shelves! Thankfully, Danica and Kat of The Body Shop were there to help recommend products they felt we’d enjoy and really need. I took home the last bottle of the best-selling Banana conditioner and the last bottle of Apple Blossom lotion.

Me, Danica and Chloe

Me: Girl, you should totally get that! It’s screaming “I smell like DJ Chloe”

Chloe: Hmm… let me try something else.
Ingrid: Oh look here, the Atlas Mountain Rose is good

Checking out the Madagascan Vanilla scent

Danica made sure she explained all the products lines and the skin types they’re specifically for. I asked her mostly about their wide range for skin care. I wanted to include their Pomegranate line in my basket but she said it really is targeted for mature women and the formulation may be too much/too heavy for my skin.Β 

She did recommend their trusted Vitamin E skin care line and Nutriganics. When it comes to skin care, I’m really big on serums and essences. Apart from my usual moisturizer, I make sure I give my skin extra TLC at night when it’s on its regenerating stage.Β 

At the register…

My partner is so happy with her stash!

Me and my lotions, shower gel and fragrances!

We are clearly very excited and satisfied with what we got!

Thanks again, The Body Shop! Thank you Danica and Kat for being so accommodating!

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