A Doll Story S02E02 – John Smith, Prince Adam and Co

The episode begins with John Smith in jail, much to the disappointment of his sister Cinderella.

JOHN SMITH: Oh geez. When will I ever get bailed out of here?

CINDERELLA: Oh mah gosh. Oh mah gosh. Can I say it again??? OH MAH GOSH!!!

CINDERELLA: My goodness dear brother! What have you done again? You are always in trouble! Remember the time you went on an adventure trip without dad’s permission? GEEZ! 

So like, I have to bail you out. When will you ever learn?
John Smith’s face, following a sermon tirade from his sister
JOHN SMITH: Sister, I’m sorry. 
CINDERELLA: Oh please… brother! You have got to be MORE RESPONSIBLE! You’re a grown man for crying out loud!
JOHN SMITH: I know sister… I’m sorry I’m sorry… please don’t tell father!
CINDERELLA: I won’t tell him… because he already knows!
Not knowing how he’d go about asking his father for forgiveness, John Smith turns to his “boyfriends” for advice.
JOHN SMITH: Pare, I made a big mistake in my family…
ERIC: What’s wrong tsong? Ikaw kasi puro exploring inaatupag mo. Hindi ka naman si Dora eh.
FLYNN: Hahaha! Give him a wig, a pink shirt and orange shorts…
JOHN SMITH: Dudes, I’m serious! Nahihiya ako sa dad ko– all I’ve ever been doing is giving him a headache!


CUT TO SCENE 2: Prince Adam (aka the Beast)

RAPUNZEL (in her usual perky tone): Prince Adam! I’d like you to meet Belle!!!
Cue in music: Taylor Swift – Sparks Fly

BELLE: Uhm… HI… Prince Adam! 🙂

FLYNN: Look men, we got someone joining our club in 5, 4, 3, 2…
RAPUNZEL (perky pa din): Hello hello guys!!! Meet Prince Adam! He’s from France!

JOHN SMITH: Dude… I was exploring your country once and I came across your castle. REALLY SICK MAN! Totally grand!

ERIC: Dude I’m Eric!
ADAM: Hello!
FLYNN RIDER: Guys, we have to take a picture!
ERIC: Change position naman! We are so killing this shoot! We’re like that band LAWSON!
Later… Adam finds Belle and offers to walk with her
BELLE: A walk? Uhm… eh haaaa (pakipot)

ADAM: You still can’t decide? Dance with me then…



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