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Chronicling Ilocos Norte: Cape Bojeador Lighthouse

If the northern waters of Luzon had a welcome sign, it’s none other than the Cape Bojeador Lighthouse which still stands tall, guiding sea vessels as they pass through the South China Sea.

The lighthouse was completed in 1892. Aside from the usual wear and tear, the structure survived an earthquake in the 1990s which damaged it’s Fresnel lens. I’d have to commend the local government for keeping the tower in shape without sacrificing it’s old world, Spanish Colonial-feel. I wish I brought a Filipiniana terno and take a whole bunch of dramatic photos influenced by the theme.
Sige nga, umakyat ka ng ligaw diyan.
Oh how I love this view!
God, You created the beautiful sky and sea! You spoke them into creation!
This reminded me of Jean Valjean singing “What Have I Done” at the church yard in the Les Mis movie! Can anyone please call Mr. Jackman, we need him on set!


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