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Chronicling Ilocos Norte: The Paoay Sand Dunes

Whenever someone mentions “sands” or “desert” I immediately get a visual of Dubai as portrayed in movies–an expanse of sand with beautiful ripples, shaped by the dry wind.

Photo by Jon Bower

It was only this year that I knew of hectares of sand dunes that existed in the Philippines–Ilocos Norte to be exact. I was extra thrilled upon finding out that the Paoay Sand Dunes was just a 30-minute ride from Plaza del Norte.

For P1500.00, you can hire a 4×4 vehicle (fits 5) that will take you through ย the entire stretch of the sand dunes for 30 minutes.

Our jeep in screaming ORANGE!

Although it was dry and hot, clouds covered the skies, softening the sun’s rays. Around 300 kms from the starting point, we were welcomed by the cool sea breeze. That caught me! I took my slippers off and dipped my feet!


1 thought on “Chronicling Ilocos Norte: The Paoay Sand Dunes”

  1. Wow! I hope to visit Ilocos Norte and Paoay Sand Dunes! It is only few hours from our province yet I have not yet visit the place. Thank you for this post DJ Ingrid. ๐Ÿ™‚


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