afternoon cruise, mellow947

Mellow DJs Teambuilding

Our very kind Uber Boss gathers us every so often to bond over a weekend dinner/hang-out. Last month, we visited Nanbantei of Tokyo (BGC branch) and transferred to Texas Roadhouse after. πŸ™‚

I always order sushi at Nanbantei and gulp tons of GenMaicha (green tea w/ roasted brown rice)

Indi, me and Jaybee

Alex of The Twist and the newest Mellow jock, Casey!

Leo of The Morning After and Andie of AK947

Uber Boss with Marco

Tracy “T-bad” with Kyle

Kage was celebrating his birthday too! So we got him ice cream with coffee jelly. Here he is, concentrating on his wish.

The “slant”: Nova of Girltalk, Jaybee of Easy Access, Indi and Marco of Mellow Nights.

Casey, Alex, Andie, me and Leo

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