A Doll Story S02E01

Season 2 opens with the Big Doll Sisters calling a council meeting…

The ladies are gathered, excited to hear the news.

Seems that Snow White knows something. Aurora (with her poised hand motions) cannot believe what she just heard.

Belle: I’m inexplicably nervous!
Jasmine: Take it easy, I think you’re just excited because the word “prince” was mentioned.
Belle: Can you blame me? I’m sick and tired of seeing Flynn Rider. And eew he isn’t even my type!

Flynn: Would love to get more testosterone around here! So you think being surrounded by women is every guy’s dream? Think again!
Ariel: I do hope you’re right! I could use some “scenery”. I’m tired of just having to look at you, I mean you’re not even every woman’s type here! Well yeah, except for Rapunzel.

Big Doll Sisters: Our dear fellow doll sisters, it is true that we will have new people joining our little community.
The the other princesses gasp in excitement. Finally, they’d get a chance to get lucky in love.
The scene shifts to a cell. A man is bound by chains… 
…but he begins to break free, little by little

Strange as it sounds, the man’s increasing strength allowed him to break free.

“Bound by chains and finally free! Thank you Jesus!”

To be continued…


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