A Doll Story – Season 2 Press Junket

2013 rolled out with a new season of A Doll Story, bringing back the characters everyone’s grown to love, while introducing cast additions who are set to make the plot more interesting. 

The cast of A Doll Story during the press conference

Breathing more testosterone into a female-dominated cast, the producers introduced the new male leads: Prince Adam, Prince Eric and John Smith.

L-R Prince Adam, Prince Eric, John Smith and series regular Flynn Rider.

Prince Adam aka The Beast

The Big Doll Sisters Ariel and Rapunzel will be largely responsible for the match-making this season.  “We’re thrilled to see the unfolding of new romances!”
Beautiful Pocahontas captivates the press with her piercing eyes

Rapunzel calmly smiles for the camera

Snow White is ready to accomodate questions from the press

Best friends on and off-cam, Mulan and Pocahontas
Cinderella excitedly explains why everyone should watch the second season and how she believes so much in the cast, now that she is co-producer of the show.

It’s Ariel’s turn to be interviewed!

Mulan smiles shyly as some media friends ask her about her love life.

“Oh you guys are here! Great to see you again!” says Aurora, looking all regal in her blue gown
Big Doll Ariel gamely belted out “The Sign” after she was asked to sing any song other than “Part of Your World”


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