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Wedding Blog: Ryan and Dinday

Dinday got in touch with me sometime in March 2012. Like a lot of my clients, she was an overseas bride. How she was able to get all the details ironed out despite the different time zones is beyond me–I know she’s one of the people I can learn from in the event that I do become an overseas bride in the future! 🙂

The pretty bride smiles excitedly as she admires her gown
Photo courtesy of Exige Wedding.

Dinday is a nurse in the US while her groom Ryan is based here. Her mom shared that she admires how they survived their long-distance relationship and overseas wedding planning through phone calls, Skype and the ever famous Facebook!

Ryan, the groom.
Photo courtesy of Exige Wedding.
The bride is ready!
Photo courtesy of Exige Wedding.

A nice shot of Ryan
Photo courtesy of Exige Wedding.

Photo courtesy of Exige Wedding.

Photo courtesy of Exige Wedding.

After the ceremony, the guests who arrived at the reception venue didn’t have a dull moment as the wedding booths kept them busy. Aside from the cocktails, there was a Starbucks coffee cart, a photobooth and an E-Guestbook. 

The instructions are pretty clear, dontcha think?


The menu shows the photos and videos left by guests. If you notice, there’s even an option for SEATING so you can easily check where your table is.
Of coruse, I had to try it out. 🙂
The E-GuestBook allows you to take photos, leave a video message and write a note on the screen for the bride and groom. Just like your regular photobooth, after you save your work, you get a photo print out. While the regular photobooth makes use of a DSLR, the e-guestbook uses a webcam. I think this would really be popular if you merge your photobooth knick-knacks (costumes, accessories, headgear), great lighting and a really nice HD webcam. I mean, it’s all in one. You’re not limited to just 4 poses. 🙂
Studio on Wheels Photobooth
Of course the host didn’t leave without a photo with the bride and groom!

Wedding coordinator: Chi Hernandez-Abarquez of Once a Bride

Venue: Blue Leaf Banyan Pavilion
Photo and Video: Exige Wedding
Band: 3rd Avenue
E-Guestbook: Tera Lifestyle
Wedding Photobooth: Studio on Wheels

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