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For the guys: Milanos and Salvatore Mann 2012

Most guys I hang out with don’t take dressing up seriously, unless there’s a formal event or their boss required them to. The story is different when I am at John Robert Powers–as instructors, both women and men are required to dress appropriately, infusing one’s personal style. 

 I know it’s easy for girls to mix and match fashion items. We buy scarves, tops, skirts, accessories and shoes and we’re able to wear them in hundreds of ways. For guys, I’d have to admit that I only know a few who are quite experimental when it comes to personal style. It’s not that I’m forcing you guys to be all out fashionistas, but to be mindful of wardrobe basics that can help you get ahead in your chosen field. 

 Some may think it’s superficial but you’ll have to admit that the way one presents himself/herself does affect your perception of him/her. It helps you determine if you can trust the person or not. It helps give you an idea if the person pays attention to detail and how he/she arranges things together. For guys who would like to step up their presentation game, check out the Milanos and Salvatore Mann catalogue below and get ideas on how to mix and match suits, slacks, jackets, shirts and polos.

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