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May 2012 Guests

[05.17.2012] Let’s get the ball rolling with the surprise visit from my ultimate crush, Xian Lim.

Geez, can you imagine what the Mellow staff did behind my back? I walked into the office like I normally do, then they had all these cheesy smiles and they asked me why isn’t my hair curled? Why am I not wearing a long gown (ay awards night ba)??? It made me think they were being so weird! Then Mr V says “Wow! You look like My Binondo Girl!” I still didn’t get it!!! I got my stuff, went inside the booth and then… this amazing creature walked in. DANG NABBIT!

UHM… HI!!!

Xian Lim with Mr V… the mastermind!

Xian Lim with Mellow staff

Well… ah… obviously I couldn’t really smile my big smile! I was trying my best to control myself!

Okay, next batch of MAY visitors…

05.23.2012 Kai Honasan played wonderful original music accompanied by her Kuya Karel and Alden.

Me and Kai Honasan

Inspite of her father’s career in politics (she is the daughter of Senator Gringo Honasan), Kai shared that everyone in the family is musically inclined. Her brother Karel is a bass genius who also arranges and produces music. He’s a Berklee College of Music alum and that clearly says a lot.

Kai on the other hand, is finishing her Music Education degree at the UP College of Music while writing beautiful melodies and lyrics. Last year, she earned a slot for the 2-week summer program of the Berklee College of Music which was held in Valencia, Spain. It was during this trip that she wrote her single “This City” which she describes as a love letter to all the new friends she met from different parts of the world.

Kai believes in the great potential of Filipino music and during the interview, she encouraged aspiring songwriters and musicians to keep writing and creating original music and to not be shy about the work they produce. She hopes to write a musical in the near future, inspired by the dynamic “music and lyrics team” of ย Julia Houston and Tom Levitt from the hit TV musical SMASH.

Alden, me, Kai and Karel

05.30.2012 Welcome to Mellow, 6 Cycle Mind!

6 Cycle Mind after playing live on my show!

I admit I was a bit nervous before the show began. The songs of 6 Cycle Mind have been on the Afternoon Cruise playlist even before I hosted the show and in my mind I kept thinking “I feel so small! I feel like they’re giants because their songs were already hits when I joined Mellow947.” My fears were laid to rest as I got Tutti, Rye, Bob, Bert and Vic to open up about their music, the band in general, as well as their personal goals.ย 
They performed songs from their latest album “Goodbye Sunday”, gave in to some requests from their long-time supporters and even gave out copies of their latest album to lucky listeners.
All in all, it was a laid-back afternoon that made me feel like I was just hanging out in our home backyard and decided to invite some musician guy friends over. You can check out the official Facebook page of 6CycleMind by clicking HERE and you can check them out on Twitter: 6cyclemind.ย 

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