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Kelvin and Jo-anne’s Wedding (La Castellana Intramuros, April 15, 2012)

I met Dra. Jo-anne one afternoon at a coffee shop in Galleria, a month or two before her wedding date. What impressed me most is her charming smile and gentle personality, which didn’t leave me wondering why her fiance Kelvin didn’t waste a moment to make her his lifetime partner.
Since we come from the same alma mater, it was fun to exchange wonderful stories about the many experiences that are uniquely USTe. Despite the busy wedding preparations, I could tell that Dra. Jo-anne is passionate about her job and she isn’t the type of person who dreads her typical workday. In a little while, we were joined by Rigel Valdes of Alalay.Ko Events. Rigel is wonderful to work with and I love how he gets everything done (and on cue) without losing his temper and focus. It’s not my first time to work with his team and I can very well attest that he’s efficient and magaan ka-trabaho. 
Rigel of Alalay Ko, the newly-weds Kelvin and Jo-anne and me (Photo by Ghie Javelosa of Studio A Photography)


Their wedding ceremony was originally set at The Manila Cathedral but due to structural defects that need immediate attention and repair, the cathedral will be closed until early 2013. In fairness to the Manila Cathedral administration, they’re helping couples (whose dates are affected) find reputable nearby churches. Kelvin and Jo-anne chose the Santisimo Rosario Parish Church in UST.
The wedding reception was held at La Castellana, Intramuros. Since I was there early, I decided to look around and take photos of the venue.

This balcony is so Romeo and Juliet or Jose Rizal and Josephine Bracken.

The place is very bright and airy. It’s perfect for day weddings because the venue was designed in such a way that natural sunlight would prettily filter through the wall spaces and windows. No need to fret about your guests complaining about the heat since it’s well-ventilated with ample fans around the venue.

Wedding details photographed by Ghie Javelosa of Studio A Photography:
This photo makes me think “Alleluia! Glorious cake!”
The Ice Cream Bar – Yep! Perfect for the summer wedding!
K by Cunanan Catering
Of course I enjoyed the salad! (K by Cunanan Catering)
K by Cunanan Catering
K by Cunanan Catering
Wedding souvenirs
Some moments during the wedding captured by Studio A:

Kelvin says: I can show you the world, shining, shimmering, splendid…
Kilig na kilig naman ako sa kanilang dalawa! (Photograph by Ghie Javelosa of Studio A Photography)
So who among the boys won? (Photograph by Ghie Javelosa of Studio A Photography)
The ladies gather around the bride (Photograph by Ghie Javelosa of Studio A Photography)


Rigel and I look so amused as Kelvin removes Jo-anne’s garter. (Photograph by Ghie Javelosa of Studio A Photography)


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