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Manny and April’s Wedding

Had the wonderful privilege of hosting the wedding of two architects who are head-in-the-clouds in love with each other! Manny and April were frantic weeks before the big day because they didn’t have a host yet. Thankfully, when they got in touch with me, the date was free on my calendar.

I immediately warmed up to them on our first meeting and I knew in my heart that I wanted to be part of the team who would make their wedding day extra memorable.

VENUE: Enderun Colleges, McKinley Hill, Taguig

I fell in love with the outdoor cocktail area!
Hello? Am I still in the Philippines?
Oh mah gewdness! Tea party mode on!

The guests started arriving in groups. They all came from the ceremony at St. Alphonsus Parish Church
This made me want to sing “That’s How You Know” from the movie Enchanted performed by Amy Adams.
This is a school! This is a school! Won’t you look forward to schooldays with an environment like this?
The receiving area had a big LCD TV which showed various photos of Manny and April.
The Enderun Culinary Center


Dinner set-up. It was very intimate. Just 90 guests. 🙂
I love how the room was so bright and airy!
Manny & April
The adorable cake which was so in line with the architecture theme!
Can you identify these items? 🙂
Give-aways and game prizes.
Candy Bar!!!
Sweets. Yeah!

April’s wedding coordinators were her friends and they were very easy to work with. There were no dull moments, everything went on as scheduled and the guests enjoyed themselves. I enjoyed the presentation of the couple’s pre-nup and wedding photos [both by the very talented Joel H. Garcia] and the same-day edit video by The Blacktie Project.

MANNY / APRIL [sde video] from blacktieproject on Vimeo.

Of course, hindi ako makapag-picture while hosting! So here’s my picture with the bride and groom after the wedding:

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