At the Parisian Bloggers Pictorial Party

“What? Parisian? A pictorial? You have got to be kidding me!”

Those were exactly my words when I received the invitation. I immediately thanked God because it was another pleasant surprise–I didn’t volunteer or apply for it, no go-sees whatsoever! A lot of my shoes and bags are from Parisian (I’m obviously a patron), so to be invited to model for their latest collection was so flattering.

If you’re not yet a fan or haven’t frequented their stores lately, you’re missing out on a lot! The brand has certainly evolved and adapted to the needs of the fashion-forward Filipina. However, don’t expect out-of-the-box, “look-at-me” items that seem to have come out of Lady Gaga’s closet. Parisian bags and shoes are stylish but still very wearable. These are items you can include in your basic wardrobe since they’re easy to mix and match.

When I arrived, I was welcomed by Parisian’s Kristel and Rocio. They handed me my ID and escorted me into the studio where everything was arranged so beautifully, it reminded me of one of the weddings I hosted.

…when pairs of shoes literally call out your name!!!

How sweet! What do you think is inside? More shoes? 🙂

Any shoe-loving girl would go crazy in this place!


Got the clothes ready…

Some of the chic bags that were laid out for bloggers to model (and take home!)

I actually liked these two but someone beat me to them 😦 heehee

Bags, bags, bags!!!

The make-up station care of Max Factor

Bobby Carlos and the Max Factor team took care of our make-up. I wasn’t able to take a quick picture with Bobby since he was busy pretty-fying the other girls. 

These were the shoes I picked out [I got to take these home too!]


Mega Magazine top fashion photographer Niko Villegas called the shots!

Red-haired Stacy Gutierrez of

Busy hair and make-up station!

The very friendly Melai Entuna of
Yikes! Ayan it’s my turn na! I like the orange bag too! Now I’m contemplating if I should have taken that home instead! 

After my photos were taken, Rina and Kristine invited me to grab a bite.

Yummy sustenance from BIZU!

Do you think the lights made the food more appetizing?

After a few bites and chatting with bloggers and the Parisian team, we wrapped up the shoot and were sent home with the shoes and bag from Parisian plus more goodies inside the reusable totes!

INGRID’S PARISIAN SHOES: Hey! Welcome to the family, yellow and orange!

YELLOW AND ORANGE: Thank you so much for the warm welcome!

This is the bag I took home! Don’t you just love structured bags?

Prettily hanging on my wall!

Ooh! Here are the goodie bags!

This is what’s inside!

Foundation samples and lip tint from Max Factor, Sole Doctor foot care gel cushions [also by SM],  a pair of Parisian comfy flats and the latest catalogue
By the way dear friends, stay tuned because 10 of my lucky followers can get a chance to win great stuff from Parisian! Wouldn’t you want that? Bags and shoes?! Oooh joy! If you’re not yet following this site, do so via Google Friend Connect and also stay updated through my official Facebook page.

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