03/21/2012 Emmanuelle Vera on Stage 1

Finally! One of the girls I’ve been admiring for quite sometime dropped by and performed on Stage 1.

Photo by Ms. Kourtney

I first heard about Emmanuelle in 2009 during one of Krissy and Ericka’s performances. From what I know, they’ve been friends for a long time plus the fact that they belong to the same management [Cornerstone]. Back then, I only knew she was a guitar-strumming young singer. Fast forward to August 2010, Emmanuelle Vera’s face is on TV with Sarah Geronimo. Yes, she was the evil rival in the musical series 1DOL and she admitted that she was fearful of how people would accept her since that was her first ever television project. When the show wrapped up, she appeared in a youth oriented show also on the Kapamilya channel and then landed the role of Yani on 100 Days to Heaven [starring Dominic Ochoa, Jodi Sta. Maria, Ms Coney Reyes and Joel Torre].

Now that she’s taking a break from acting and also finishing high school, Emmanuelle is concentrating on singing with the release of her debut album from Universal Records.

Emmanuelle shared that her mom is often with her in all of her projects and tapings, tirelessly watching out and waiting for her to finish. Tita Kourtney was also at the station for Emman’s performance and the room immediately warmed up to her as she smiled at everyone and made all of us feel comfortable. They were so nice to even bring us some snacks!

ย I also learned that STAGE 1 is Emman’s first ever live performance radio guesting–how flattering! I just hope we didn’t scare her ๐Ÿ™‚ Despite her many talents and the successful projects she’s been working on so far, Emman is very grounded and this makes you adore her all the more. I mean she’s obviously a pretty girl gifted with so much talent yet I never saw her pull a BF [b**** fit] or act like a diva.

DJ Emmanuelle? Why not!!!?

Dearest Emmanuelle,

Keep shining for God in the industry you belong to. Show them that it is possible to pursue your dreams without having to compromise your beliefs and glorify God in all that you do. I encourage you to be a “salt and light” wherever you go–that the people you meet would look at you and see a reflection of Christ.



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