January 10, 2012: THANKFUL TUESDAY

Margiory Custodio-Samar I’m so blessed with my professors right now. Napakababait! 🙂

June Cabrera Hi Dj Ingrid,
..im thankful for this day kc our hamsters gave birth to ten(1O)Cute little hamsters yehey!

Firelord Osie Good day Ms. Ingrid, I’m thankful to God that I am not late exactly 1 minute before grace period time’s up. 

LR Marasigan Been thankful coz I’ll be discharged here at the hospital within the day. Suffered pneumonia since last week. Thanks to our dear Lord above! God bless Mellow.. 🙂

Awisha Sobrino hi dj ingrid. Im thankful coz we have a succesful projct always & i want to thank GOD to give me some guy who understand me even though im alwys act lyk child. Ilovehim so much & im happy 2 be w/ u at d rest of my lyf love u WAR

Ingrid’s Thankful Tuesday:
-I’m thankful because I have a new bed that’s made me look forward to sleeping all the more.
-I’m thankful because my parents were home late two nights ago and we didn’t know what to serve for dinner. Thankfully, we had pasta ingredients so my siblings & I put together garlic-cheese pasta for dinner
-I’m thankful for being able to lead praise & worship w/ my singing group 6:33 this Sunday
-I’m thankful for the things I learned this week, which I will be sharing for Thursday’s life lessons

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