Doll shopping

So I went doll shopping and found interesting dolls that didn’t exist when I was younger!

LIV? I’m not liking the couture-ish poses

I swear you’re a doll, not a real person. No wonder you can hold that pose for so long

Exaggerated eyelashes. Not so nice underwire support and a weird smirk.

What’s up with the lips honey?

This doll is supposed to go to the “Grand Ball”

Grand Ball dear? What are you wearing? Unless it’s a costume party
and you decided to come as a figure skater.

This made me laugh. These dolls are “Beckies” :-p

Surfing? In a dress?

Stella, didn’t I tell you to put your pants up after you go potty?

ChicZ girl. With a “Z”

Is that supposed to be a dog beside you?

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