Another collection of life lessons from listeners! Read through them and learn something new this week. 

MAMA EVER: This week I learned that when you want any relationship to work, you have to give time and sincere effort to communicate not just for the sake of that relationship but because you are committed into that relationship. Many people go separate ways because they tend to forget that even with the many ways by which people cud communicate like celphones, email, social networking, etc, it’s a lot different when you get to see, feel, touch and “sense” the person in their mere presence.

TESS JENNAH: life setbacks are always temporary, giving up is what makes it permanent, so we must not lost hope
we must take those setback as a challenge for a better
ARJELYN CANLAS: What I’ve learned today, if you want your character to be formed, and strengthened, don’t be afraid to be squeezed, to be chopped and to be broken! So the best of you will come out.
Princess Galford If you want something, do everything you can to get it but if you have given your best efforts, put it in God’s hands, sure He knows what to do!
Kuschel Lapada read some terms of use before filling application
Yam Cabarles DeLeon always think positive and trust & believe in god whatever burdens u have coz god has plans for u.
Lawrence Fernandez One day, a cow, a chicken and a pig had a conversation. The cow said, “I always provide milk for people.” Not to be outdone, the chicken replied, “Well, I lay eggs for people to eat.” Then it was the pig’s turn to talk. It said, “I would only give myself once but when I do, I give away even my life.”

Though we can always quantify what we have given to those who are in need, do we feel that it is enough? Let’s give everything that we’ve got to improve the lives of others.

Lore Ann Tuvilleja You can get more money but you can’t get more time.Time is your most valuable asset,use it wisely!
Mharz Castillo Being positive about everything and always be grateful to god to all his blessings and learn appreciate everyone around you
Alvin Paragas always be humble…if you choose the lowest path, there’s no place to fall and the only way is up…
Olel Nask ‎”don’t do to others what you don’t want them to do to you”
Jinky Alvaro Candillada I learned a lot lesson this week! Before i dont care about how much is the cost of what i bought. all i know is to get anything i wanted. During payday, if theres a new movie, i want to go to mall and watch and buy something i see that fits me. now that i am married, i realize that i need to be responsible enough in all aspect. i learned to be thrifty and be thankful of what i have..
Firelord Osie Good day DJ Ingrid, About the topic. Contentment is the key of happiness, you’ll never find happy & peace if you were eager to get what you want even you know you’re hurting those people around you.
Jeanelle R. Dullas ‎..Wag maging kampante to whatever you’ve got or achieved..Everyday is different, you’ll never know what the future holds..Maybe tomorrow, some of the things you have will be gone with just a snap of a finger..So cherish every second, everything and every person that you have..^___^ Hope you’ll play Broken Strings, thanks!
Ann Morielle Patiag if u fail always count ur mistakes charge to expirience..never regret anything u done in the past,cause we only learn and become better person when fall 🙂
Meech Nakar I am the scriptwriter of my own life. I realize that I have an enormous control over my life so I will see to it that my movie will turn out beautiful. I won’t worry too much about the budget because God is the producer.
Share Piece Life is a song we play each day. Every mistake we make in life puts the song out of tune but keep on trying. One day every melody will come to its tune.
Malou Villafania who he is at 2nd best is always d 1st loser. sometimes all u need is to believe harder on urself and a li’l kick on the ass :). f dey can do it, y can’t u?
Jill Kristin Bocalbos in life you should learn to be strong enough to stand up by your own..
Katrina Alexia God’s ultimate goal for your life on earth is not comfort, but character development. But this doesn’t mean losing your personality.–good day!
Zephora Jane Aquino Lingahan Our pains and failures are way too small compared to our big GOD so there’s no reason for us to give up. 🙂
Victoria Rueda Pastor Lesson learned..don’t go into debt. oftentimes i think they’re necessary
but they’re not, at all. They just caused more
headaches than they’re worth, they cost way more than i
get. i got the s.o.a. from the bank, and thought of paying it when i have extra money, i ended up receiving a legal notice from a law firm.. hay, lesson learned talaga i should spend less than i earn, go without
until i have the money.. iwan ang credit card.. para di ma-tempt.


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