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I’m back!

Well would you look at that!
I haven’t posted anything in over a month.
I’ve been wrapped up with work lately and immensely enjoying my Bible study class! We’re studying the Book of Acts and my eyes are being opened to new truths and realizations everyday. On the first week, we learned about the days following Christ’s ascension and His sending of a “special gift” for the apostles and His followers.
The special gift Jesus referred to was the Holy Spirit. Since He has died, risen and ascended to Heaven, the work of furthering His Kingdom on earth was left to His followers. But how were they to go about propagating the Lord’s work? How were they going to proclaim Christ to unbelieving people?
The sending of the Holy Spirit did not only comfort them, it also eased their fears and made them bolder to proclaim the gospel truth. I’d like to think that when Jesus was with the disciples in the flesh, they felt secure because they knew the Messiah was with them in the ministry and in facing challenges. Even when Jesus faced opposition, they were confident that He would be able to silence them because He knew who He was and what to say to those who attacked Him. Now that Jesus had ascended, the disciples might have felt confused, scared and directionless. If Jesus faced opposition, what would happen to them? What were they to say if the Pharisees started hounding them again?
Then came the Pentecost.
The Spirit’s manifestation in the disciples and other followers were marked by the following:
-the blowing of a violent wind
-tongues of fire appeared on their heads
-they spoke in tongues/their own native language
-they were filled with boldness and wisdom to speak and proclaim Jesus
Nowadays, the Holy Spirit’s presence in our lives may not be evident through a violent wind, tongues or fire or sudden speaking in tongues. When we accept Jesus as our Lord and Savior, the Holy Spirit immediately dwells in us. The Holy Spirit not only makes us bold to share our faith, but with His indwelling, our old sinful nature is done away withΒ  and we are transformed to become more like Christ everyday. We need to humble ourselves and be obedient for the Holy Spirit’s transforming work to take effect. If we resist or disobey, the Holy Spirit is grieved.
Have you allowed Christ to be the Lord of your life? What’s stopping you from doing so or what are your reasons for resisting Him?
When I was a younger Christian, I understood the fact that Jesus died for my sins and my slate was wiped clean again, but I was having difficulty surrendering everything to Him. In my immaturity I thought:
If I let God do whatever He wants with my life, He might match me up with an ugly guy I don’t really like and make me his wife. Eeek!
If I surrender to God, then I won’t be able to make my dreams come true.
Back then, I thought that God was a kill joy. I thought that He was someone who desired good for His children, but that good meant BORING. I wanted a career in the entertainment industry. I wanted the excitement, I wanted the fame.
God was very gentle with me as He showed me why that kind of career was not what He wanted for me. I wanted to act! I wanted to sing on ASAP and get a friggin teleserye, but God had other plans. Little by little, God gave me a “backdoor” view of what I wanted to get into–the struggles, the temptations, the stereotypes. The things some hopefuls would do just to be popular and the compromises they had to make.Β  I admire Christians like Gary V and Coney Reyes who have been able to hold their ground without compromising and taking care of their witness for Christ. For a Christian to survive or withstand an entertainment career, the foundation of faith must be strong. You must realize who you are in Christ.
I still work in the entertainment industry, but God has put me in a place that allows me to influence people to follow Him. I am still able to utilize my talents and skills but there is indescribable joy when you know you are doing what God wants you to do. There are other Christians who have made it as actors and singers and I have nothing against that if it is where the Lord has placed them. Again what’s important is the foundation of faith and how one is living it out as a follower of God. πŸ™‚
I think I’ve written so much for tonight. Looking forward to share more of what I learn with you!
God bless!

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