Post-Juju Cleanse Reflections

I admit I haven’t had the time to write after my third day of cleansing. I have so much to share with you guys!

First off, I am so glad I did the Juju Cleanse. Being a vegetable and fruit lover, it wasn’t difficult for me to down the juices one by one. Staying away from carbohydrates, meat and other solid food for three days wasn’t too difficult but I admit I had cravings for potato chips and sausages at Chili’s.

I did my Juju Cleanse from Sunday-Tuesday. My first two days were okay, but it was on the third day that the dizzy spells struck. Indi said it could be because I was working and was using up the only nutrients I was surviving on for the third day.

Lesson number 1: Next time I go on the Juju Cleanse, I’d have to schedule it on a weekend with no strenuous activities.

I had Chiro Band on my show the day after the cleanse.

The day after the cleanse was a bit of a challenge because I had to go to the rest room often! Remember, I had 5 bottles of the Green Bomb, so that meant 5 times the fiber, nutrients and enzymes. I don’t want to be too graphic, but my stool was proof that the Green Bomb really gets rid of the trash in your system.

Lesson number 2: If you’re worried about frequent trips to the restroom, better to stay home after the cleanse.

On Wednesday, I also had an important client meeting which extended past 7PM. I was ready to go home and rest when my client invited me to have dinner with her bosses. Great! I welcomed the experience to test if my appetite and eating habits would change.


Oh my geez! Buffet dinner to put me to the test!

I don’t say no to sushi. That hasn’t changed. Except that those were the only pieces I managed that night.

On regular days, I look forward to the wide array of desserts in buffet settings. ย 

See how yummy they look like? To tell you honestly, I didn’t even feel the urge to try them! Seriously! ย Way to go Juju Cleanse!

I had stir-fried vegetables.

Went straight to the fruit bar!
Enjoyed my plateful of fruits!!!

Lesson number 3: I love buffet dinners. I am very thankful because God lets me enjoy perks like this. However, after the cleanse, I noticed that the only strong cravings I’ve been having are for fruits and vegetables. I didn’t even get the cheesecake and other sweet delicacies!

A lot of my friends who found out I was going through the Juju Cleanse were thinking I was doing it to lose weight. As much as a 3-day juice fast helps you lose a bit of excess baggage, I did it mainly for detoxification. Still, some of my workmates said “What do you need to detox for? You don’t smoke, you don’t drink and you’re thin!” In my 20+ years of existence, this is the first detox I’ve ever done. Yes, I’m not a smoker and an alcoholic but through the years, junk can build up in one’s system. I’m not the type who obsessively lets a nutritionist control and monitor my diet, so I’ve had my share of junk food, lechon, canned goods, instant noodles, fast food burgers, liempo and sinful desserts that may have left traces in my system. I only have one body and as a child of God, I know that this is the temple of the Holy Spirit. Keeping myself healthy and taking care of what God has given me is my form of worship. I don’t want to wait until a lifestyle disease bogs me down before I take care of my health.

I hope my Juju Cleanse journey influences you to take care of your health. Thank you Ms. Kat Azanza, the beautiful Chief Juju who walks the talk, Indi and Marco, for being great Juju buddies, and the other Jujus whose experiences and entries have inspired me to survive the 3-day cleanse.

Cheers to Juju Cleanse!

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