The Juju Cleanse Challenge: Day 3

I woke up feeling a bit excited because today marks my 3rd day of juice fasting. I’m on LEVEL 3 today, which means I get 5 Green Bombs and 1 Alkazest. Ooh yeah! Vegetable overload.

Day 3, Level 3. Bottle No. 1: Green Bomb

Fresh from the refrigerator. Breakfast. πŸ™‚
Since I’ve gulped down a number of Green Bombs for the past two days, my taste buds have grown accustomed to the fresh, clean taste. With every swig of the potent green juice, I could feel my insides jumping for joy.
Downed the Green Bomb through morning devotions
Had to go to work so I brought along my Juju Bag with me.

Much as I love the Green Bomb, I just noticed that after three bottles of the same thing on the same day, my mouth felt different. I admittedly craved for something sweet. Boardwork went on fine until someone called me to join them for lunch.Β 

Dear me! Someone from the station was celebrating her birthday. Yikes. I braved the pantry and tested myself if I’d ever get tempted to eat. I can’t remember all the dishes that were on the table but I do know they had crispy fried chicken, pinakbet, pansit and so much more. I was about to give in, but saw that there were pineapples and bananas available. I went for the latter.

On my drive home, I was experiencing dizzy spells. I tried drinking water in between traffic lights but the dizziness didn’t seem to go away. During a long traffic stop, I sent Ms. Kat a text message and she replied immediately “Have a banana please. Vegetable broth would also help.”

I remember Indi saying something about vegetable broth on her first day. Thankfully there’s a supermarket near my place, so I bought myself some bananas and ingredients for vegetable broth. I had the bananas before downing my 4th bottle for the day–ALKAZEST!

After the Alkazest, I felt a little better but I decided to lie down. Indi was so sweet to check up on me regularly. She was thinking that I might have used up the energy I had for the day since I was just surviving on juices. Realizations started forming in my head. I took a notebook out and wrote my observations down. Before I knew it, it was time to drink the 5th bottle.Β 

Watched TV, did research for my show, chatted with friends online, showered and got myself ready for bed. Time for the 6th bottle! Cheers! Notice the empty Juju bottles in the background?

I did it! I felt so satisfied but I was thinking of the next day. Sure, I’d be able to eat normal, solid food again but I just had 5 bottles of Green Bomb and 1 Alkazest.Would I be stuck in the restroom the whole day? Still, after finishing my last bottle, thoughts of biting into delicious food made me smile. I got through it! 3 days! You dear readers, can do it too!

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