The Juju Cleanse Challenge: Day 2

Well well well! I am happy to announce that…
I gulped all the Juju bottles from Day 1, Level 1!
By the way, for those who are still a bit confused, the Juju Cleanse has 3 levels:
Level 1 – This is recommended for those who are new to juice cleansing (like me and Juju buddies Marco and Indi) and don’t want to be overwhelmed with drinking too many Green Bomb bottles. Level 1 has two bottles of Green Bomb, 1 bottle of Spicy Limonada, 1 bottle of Red Giant, a bottle of Alkazest and 1 bottle of Salaba’t Lemon. πŸ™‚Β 
Level 2– I’d like to call this the balanced level since it has three bottles of Green Bomb and three fruit-based drinks–Red Giant, Alkazest and Salaba’t Lemon. Depending on your health condition, Ms. Kat will recommend which levels are more suited for your body. In Indi’s case, she has acid reflux so Ms. Kat initially told her that she’d have to go for Level 3 since it’s more alkalinizing. Indi and I have been texting each other and she went for the Level 2 and 3 for three days.
Level 3 – The hard core cleansing level! πŸ™‚ I’m not saying that the faint at heart can’t take this, but this has more of the Green Bomb with 1 Alkazest taken midday. Vegetable lovers like me won’t have a problem gulping down the 5 Green Bombs. Level 3 emphasizes more on alkalinizing and enzyme replacement.Β Β 

This is my diary for Day 2, Level 2.
Juju Cleanse Day 2, Level 2 — Let’s go!!!

Again started my morning with mint-infused tea.
Day 2, Bottle 1: Green Bomb
Well, yeah. I had to bring my Juju bag to work! It’s so convenient!

Day 2, Bottle No. 2: The Red Giant
I arrived at the station a little before lunch. Mr V, Angel and I would usually have lunch together but I told them I was cleansing. Hello… I could smell someone’s Jollibee burger! Focus! Focus!

Alkazest! My favorite!

Another Green Bomb
Another Green Bomb and 1 Salaba’t Lemon to call it a night.
Oh and I just wanna confess: Before drinking the 2nd Green Bomb, I felt my tummy grumbling. I drank water, a few minutes later, Mr. Tummy grumbled again.Β 
Then I looked at my little plastic box where I store my cereals. Hmm. Hmm. Hmm.Β 
Conscience ala Safeguard Commercial: No Ingrid. No. Just drink the juice.
Mr Tummy: grrrr! grrrr! feed me! feed me! feed me!

I reached into my plastic box “A few corn flakes won’t hurt right? Um… it’s plain and I’ll just get a few.”
My stomach was giving me a hard time. So, I picked a few pieces of corn flakes.Β 

1 more day to go. Before sleeping, I had mental images of savory food from Chili’s *ehem ehem Uber Boss!*:

Okay. Reset. Black out! Looking forward to Day 3!!!

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