The Juju Cleanse Challenge: Day 1

It’s a Sunday!!! Day 1 of my juice fast. No coffee, no cereals, no taho. Ulp.
I was gonna attend the 10:30 service at church, meet my friend and attend rehearsals with my singing group 6:33. I was thinking how I’d be able to go through the day without coffee. Ohneenooooo!

I began my day with a cup of green tea. The Juju pack comes with fresh sprigs of mint which you’re supposed to infuse with your tea.
A few minutes after, I was ready to drink the first bottle!
Day 1, Bottle #1 – GREEN BOMB
Some people find this a little hard to get used to, but since I love eating green leafy vegetables, it wasn’t difficult for me to gulp this. 🙂 I’d usually buy myself those vegetable coolers at SM Supermarket which they blend right in front of you and mix a little of ice and sugar cane juice. 

The green juice is a mix of assorted green vegetables, but the taste of cucumber and celery is very evident. 🙂 The green bomb loads you with important nutrients and enzymes which help nourish the cells. I’d also like to think that since this is rich in fiber, it’s the initial sweep through your system, which preps you to absorb the nutrients from the bottles that follow.

Day 1, Bottle #2 – SPICY LIMONADA
I was so excited to try this since I love lemonade! The bonus part is it’s all-natural, freshly-squeezed and has cayenne pepper. 🙂 I sometimes order lemonade from fast food joints but could tell that they come from powdered mixes which have a lot of sugar. Nothing beats pure lemonade juice!
Day 1, Bottle #3 – RED GIANT
The Red Giant was a bit intimidating. The juice looks and smells so potent, which was made more evident by it’s rich, red color. A mix of beets, pineapple, carrots and ginger, this concoction aids in cleansing and elimination.

COMMERCIAL BREAK! Let’s talk about my trips to the loo…
I was thinking I’d keep going for the throne to p**p but thankfully, the only bathroom breaks I’ve had only involve urinating. Okay. Back to the show!

Day 1, Bottle #4 – ALKAZEST
Oooh Alkazest! Indi and Marco told me how yummy this was for them! Alkazest is a vitamin and anti-oxidant rich mix of pineapple, coconut juice and grapefruit. It’s similar to sports drinks because it replenishes your electrolytes and boosts your energy. 
Day 1, Bottle #5 – Another bottle of Green Bomb. 🙂
As I drank another bottle of Green Bomb, I realized that I didn’t really feel that hungry throughout the day as long as I gulped my juices on time and consumed lots of water. I was doing well! Yipee! Also found out that most of my food cravings are not really due to hunger, but satisfying my senses. It’s true that dining isn’t just meant to curb one’s hunger because it engages the other senses. 

Ever experienced this situation? You’re not really hungry but because a meal looks appetizing, your brain sort of gives your tummy the signal to grumble. One time, I was driving on the way home and just enjoyed a delicious birthday feast courtesy of my Mellow office mate. I passed by a bakery and the smell of freshly baked pandesal just hypnotized me. See? I just enjoyed a feast but was tricked into thinking I was hungry again.

Day 1, Bottle #6 – SALABA’T LEMON
Yes Salabat! I prepare salabat specially when I’m nursing a cough or cold. I love how this Juju Drink eased me into bedtime. 🙂 Still didn’t feel hungry! 
That’s how my first day of cleansing went! 🙂 Two more days… two more days. 

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