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Jaime Barcelon on Stage 1

One of my good friends Jaime Barcelon came by the Afternoon Cruise to render original tracks and some covers from his first album Lead Me to Love. 
Errol Apacible (keyboardist), Jaime (The Man) and your pinkaloo DJ (who wasn’t in pink that day)
Errol gets himself hyped up
Jaime gamely answered all questions with so much heart.
From a young hopeful in New York to someone fulfilling his dreams in his mother country. Jaime is more than glad to have gone back to Manila as doors continuously open for him.
Nowadays he keeps himself busy with theatre rehearsals and mall shows to promote his album. He’s currently preparing for Much Ado About Nothing under Upstart Productions, directed by Joel Trinidad. Jaime is no stranger to the theatre world, having done The Sound of Music (as Rolf) and Little Women (as Laurie). Just this summer, he was able to impart his knowledge and experience to much younger theatre enthusiasts through Trumpets Playshop. 
Get a copy of his album Lead Me to Love, out now in all record stores. Follow him on Twitter: @jaimebarcelon and like his page on Facebook:

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