Mobbed: A Grand Wedding Proposal! :-)

So I saw this at my friend Nika’s Facebook.
Watching this just made me gape in awe and tear up a bit! I bet the girl couldn’t describe what she was feeling at that time. All I know is that she’s happy, the guy’s happy and everyone else!

I’m sure a lot of guys would start thinking: “Oh dear! Should I top that? What do I do to make my proposal unique?” As much as that grand proposal/wedding was very thoughtful, I think that no matter how a guy proposes, the fact that he gathers up his guts to ask his special someone to be with him for the rest of his life is a big milestone for him. Whether you ask her that life-changing question over a cup of coffee, during a dinner date or via a grand parade, you know you’d go the extra mile or do something out of the ordinary to make that date memorable. Enjoy the video and keep a tissue box nearby! 🙂


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