At the Clear Launch…

I covered the Clear launch for Mellow947. Some of my FB friends have seen my little endorsement a couple of weeks ago on how I beat the summer heat. I’ve used Clear so many times before and I noticed that I doesn’t only make my hair dandruff-free, it also leaves it smooth and smelling really nice. The bonus part? The minty-cool feeling it leaves on the scalp.
And so one day, when I couldn’t stand the heat, I poured Clear shampoo on my bath puff and used it as a body wash. True enough, it left that minty-cool feeling on my skin! It lasted way after I wiped myself dry with a towel. Then I got dressed and sat in front of the aircon. Good bye heat!
I went for the scalp scan which was being done in the room right across the event venue. What did the results read?  My scalp is healthy!!!
That’s Kellda Centeno (my second cousin), brand manager of Clear. 🙂
Me with Tita Nina (Kellda’s mom). We haven’t seen each other in a looong time, so it was nice bumping into her that day. Found out she tagged along because she wanted a pic with Piolo! Haha!
As you know, Bea Alonzo is one of the endorsers of Clear. 🙂
I went home with a fresh stock of CLEAR!!!  I used the ICE COOL MENTHOL variant immediately (and I guess it’ll be the first bottle I’d empty due to the summer heat! Gaah!)

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