At the Clear Launch…

I covered the Clear launch for Mellow947. Some of my FB friends have seen my little endorsement a couple of weeks ago on how I beat the summer heat. I’ve used Clear so many times before and I noticed that I doesn’t only make my hair dandruff-free, it also leaves it smooth and smelling really nice. The bonus part? The minty-cool feeling it leaves on the scalp.
And so one day, when I couldn’t stand the heat, I poured Clear shampoo on my bath puff and used it as a body wash. True enough, it left that minty-cool feeling on my skin! It lasted way after I wiped myself dry with a towel. Then I got dressed and sat in front of the aircon. Good bye heat!
I went for the scalp scan which was being done in the room right across the event venue. What did the results read? Β My scalp is healthy!!!
That’s Kellda Centeno (my second cousin), brand manager of Clear. πŸ™‚
Me with Tita Nina (Kellda’s mom). We haven’t seen each other in a looong time, so it was nice bumping into her that day. Found out she tagged along because she wanted a pic with Piolo! Haha!
As you know, Bea Alonzo is one of the endorsers of Clear. πŸ™‚
I went home with a fresh stock of CLEAR!!!Β  I used the ICE COOL MENTHOL variant immediately (and I guess it’ll be the first bottle I’d empty due to the summer heat! Gaah!)

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