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Marjorie & Atsushi tie the knot at Tagaytay

From the ceremony at Calaruega to the intimate reception party held at the quaint Ville Sommet (one of my favorite Tagaytay event venues), Atsushi and Marjorie kept the guests in high spirits as they celebrated their wedding day.

PinkIngrid w/ the couple 😉

Here are some photos my sister and I took while we were waiting for things to begin.

My sister being silly

Welcome to Senator Ingrid Nieto’s beautiful garden villa! 😛

“This is where Senator Ingrid Nieto receives her guests…”

I love gardens. My siblings and I grew up in my lola’s house which
also has a beautiful garden and lots of trees.

The chalet is just lovely!


More of the beautiful landscape



















The glass house at night. My camera’s not the best, so bear with this photo.


Me enjoying dinner!

“A kiss from the newly-weds please?”  


with THE Jason Magbanua! 🙂 Can’t wait to see the wedding video again

1 thought on “Marjorie & Atsushi tie the knot at Tagaytay”

  1. Hi Ingrid!! Thank you for posting about our wedding! this was the first time i saw the reception setup pics (i'm still waiting for our official photos). And wow, you had your pic with Jason!! we forgot to take ours with him. My migraine that night was very bad I wasn't thinking clearly. Can I have a copy as well your picture with us, pretty please? 🙂 You were so pretty! Love your dress. Thank you much that night 🙂 You were a dear.
    By the way, you can view our SDE again. I posted it in our wedsite:


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