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We love Punky & Rosie!

Punky and Rosie visited the station one evening and were so kind to host a little picnic! We found that so thoughtful.
The first time Punky visited, she brought a custom-made cake for Chris and Chloe:
The Chris & Chloe cake by Punky Porca (Box of Sweets)
March 22, 2011, Punky and I were communicating through Facebook. She told me not to leave yet because she and Rosie were coming over. πŸ™‚
Punky Porca of Box of Sweets
Rosie of Baked w/ Love
Oh look! It’s the Mellow947 cake!!!

Edible headphones smashed into the cheesecake! :-p
Oh the yummy yummy blueberry cheese cupcakes made by Rosie!

These ladidas spoiled us big time! Haha
Pizza, pasta and more from Sicilian Express (owned by Rosie’s sister)!
I had to post this because it shows my mermaid hair! Hahaha
DJ Chloe, Punky and me!
DJ Marco and Punky!
Uhm. This is so random. DJ Chloe is to blame!
DJ Marco & Rosie
Rosie and me
Thanks again Rosie & Punky! We love you!
(All photos are from Punky Porca)

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