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Somedaydream on Stage1

For the past three years, the Afternoon Cruise has featured a lot of your favorite artists and bands on stripped-down live sets that allow you to hear and experience their songs in a chill, laid-back approach. Since Pinoy music is continuously evolving with audiences wanting to hear something new and different each year, experimental styles are welcomed although not instantly.

Hearing Somedaydream’s first single “Hey Day Dreamer” is like a splash of cold citrus-y soda on a summer’s day. The electronica-infused melody is refreshing, the beat infectious with candid lyrics devoid of trying hard to be profound, dark & deep. When he’s not performing, Somedaydream is Rez Toledo, a 20-year-old from Ateneo who lives a normal student life. Just like any boy in college, he has to put up with exams, papers and group activities.

Somedaydream was conceived 2 years ago until he was discovered by one of OPM’s popular vocalists–Champ Lui Pio. Since the release of his single, Somedaydream is quickly attracting droves of girls (even guys) and has a steady group of supporters who make sure that his song is voted for every week.

Below are videos of his performance on Stage 1 last Wednesday, March 23, 2011.

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