I met a lot of new lady friends today! 

It was my first time to sit with the breakout group led by Ate Jo Padua and it was nice learning new insights from women from different churches and different walks of life. We are currently studying the book of Isaiah and it’s  been a very humbling experience for me because there is so much to learn! 
Our relationship with Christ does not get into a dead end once we accept Him. It’s not like we should go back to the normal flow of things, drift through life and wait it to end. Having Him in our lives will change how we do things and if we really seek and wait upon the Lord, He will reveal His purposes for our lives as we deepen our relationship with Him.
One of the best things about having a relationship with Jesus Christ is the fact that it is growing and thriving. When we put our trust in Jesus, we can be assured that we will be transformed into His likeness [2 Corinthians 5:17] but this transformation does not happen overnight. Assuming the likeness of Christ, I believe, is a lifelong journey. While we live our lives on earth, He transforms us through experiences, challenges, His living Word and even the people we meet.
Have you ever had that moment wherein you know that you should learn a characteristic of Christ and then He suddenly gives you a situation or an encounter with a person so that you can apply that attribute? Patience has been used as an example lots of times and I’m sure you can very well relate if we talk about driving in Manila.:p In my blog entry about dealing with enemies, I shared about some difficult people God sent my way so that I could practice self-control and gentleness. If it were not for God’s strength, I would have lashed out at those people but in my weakness, He provided strength.

I’d love for you to share your own stories about applying or learning an attribute of Christ. What characteristic was it and what did you feel after the experience/encounter? 🙂

Enjoy your weekend people!


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