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Thankful Tuesday International Women’s Day Special ;-)

In celebration of International Women’s Day, our Thankful Tuesday was all about expressing appreciation for the women in our lives. This was an easy activity for the girls since we are relational creatures and it’s very easy for us to think of the women who have made in impact on us based on our emotions alone.
Not saying that the guys didn’t participate. A lot of the men who responded today came out of their toughie shells and appreciated their mothers, grandmothers, aunts, sisters, girlfriends and wives. Everywhere we go, we are bound to meet women who will plant a little seed of themselves in us, whether it’s a professional relationship, friendship, a romantic relationship or within the family.
Here are some of the entries from Thankful Tuesday [March 8, 2011]

As for me, who are the women I’m grateful for? One blog entry won’t be enough.
Of course in the family, I’m thankful because God gave me
1. My mom and my sisters who have known me from way back. 
2. My aunts who never fail to give me good advice. 
3. My maternal grandmother who continues to inspire me with her godly living, continuous Bible study and her relationship with God.
4. My paternal grandmother who has passed down a lot of wisdom to her children and her grandchildren.
5. My female cousins – I know I owe them a lot of bonding sessions.
If you didn’t join Thankful Tuesday yesterday, feel free to leave a comment below and tell us about the women in your life that you’re grateful for. 🙂

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