The Goldilocks Cake Decorating Expo 2011

I was asked to cover this event for the station and felt like Martha Stewart as I looked at the different booths of baking goods and products. The wonderfully designed cakes were mouth-watering and pleasing to the eye!
Wedding Cake by Heny Sison

Amazing how detailed these are!

I wanted to get some, but the table was cordoned-off!

Would you actually eat any of these? They’re too pretty!
Yummy dress!
Aww! Baptismal thingamabobs!
More pretty stuff!
These remind me so much of my friend Jia Ramos! She makes cupcakes too!

That mint and brown brocade-patterned cake really caught my eye!

I’d actually get this cake. As you know, I am fascinated with all things Barbie & Disney!

Oh hey, it’s Spongebob!

For the little boys…

Toy story!

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