Part 2 of My Baler Trip

A good number of people I exchanged text messages with while I was at Baler, all had a similar reaction/question:

“Ah Baler? Yung sa movie ni Anne Curtis?”
“Baler? Diyan ba nag-shooting sila Jericho nung Baler?”

I haven’t had the luxury of time to watch the Pinoy film at length, although I saw some scenes when it was showing on Cinema One last year. I remember that Jericho and Anne exchanged letters through a little puppy, but that’s all my mind can recall [I guess I’ll have to get a DVD copy soon].

So I mentioned in Part 1 that we arrived at 7:30am. We enjoyed breakfast at the hotel’s restaurant/bar by the beach…

After breakfast, my co-host and I were brought to the rehearsal venue where the candidates were practicing for the pageant. Special thanks to Dr. Mael Cautivar for the BTS photos πŸ™‚

After rehearsals, we went off to lunch and back to the hotel to get some shut-eye before the pageant proper.

To be continued… πŸ™‚

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