Sweet Poems from Listeners :-)

by Ladyjheff Lindayag
Sleepy yet my eyes are open wide
Can’t quite understand why I’m a little sad
Every time I lay my head on the pillow
All I think about are all my sorrows.

Alone as usual in the house
With no one to talk to but my dog and my cats
There’s nothing to do so I listen to the radio
No other station, only on Mellow.

I am relieved with the music they play
Their voices are like friends on air
They can make me smile not sigh
And sometimes laugh till I cry.

How they make my gray sky blue
Is truly a mystery
With different songs on deck
What else can you expect?

From touchy rhythm to sounding so good
Through the years you’ve been my soul’s food
Taking me high when I’m down
With them you’ll never frown.

New songs are on their list
But remembering the past thru decades
Over the years they only get better
With 94.7 you’ll never weather.


Because you a “real” princess,this is for you!!!! #2. – Bien
A Quest for the Princess
By Bien Canonizado
I hold the rose that often bled my hand,
Never learning, listening, letting go.
I held it through anguish, passion, demand,
Crying crimson tears on fabric below.
How long before I crush its frail petals?
What might happen should I bleed no more?
This bud, valued more than any metal
Locked ‘neath sands near my amorous shore.
I lie so far and distant from forgotten bliss;
Bound in a maze of unseen emptiness.
Yet, through pain and conflict I shall still wish
Your rose will bleed your hand no less;
And that, if time and love may still permit,
Your hand shall be my rose’s last requite.


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