We love our interns! :-)

At MELLOW947, we loooove our interns! 🙂 I think we’ve been blessed to have nice and sometimes well-behaved students who are eager to learn and have fun. Only two out of the hundreds we get every year turned out to be different. I remember there was one guy who was crushing on Mr V and liked touching his muscles. 😮 That dude would be there one day then disappear for a week and be back again. To make the long story short, he didn’t finish the required hours but had the guts to go to the station and have his self-made certificate signed! 

Here are some photos and videos of some students who spent more than a hundred hours at the station. Angel, Mr V and I are guilty of playing pranks on them, but hey, that’s how we show our love. Hahaha 🙂

Jertly Jensen. Our fabulous intern who even had fans!
Me w/ intern Enzo on his last day. Sniff! [May 2010]

Some interns are so talented! We let them sing on air!

Me w/ intern Paula

Jackie 🙂

And since I don’t want to tire you from scrolling down, here’s a little slideshow with random pictures of our interns. 

Enjoy your night!
P.S. Thank you to Grace Maniebo, Joy Miralles, Enzo Tacadao, Jackie Panganiban and the other interns for the photos! 🙂


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