Wednesday on the Afternoon Cruise: On diaries and journals from the not so distant past

I’ve kept a diary since my elementary school days. Entries that range from what I did in class, to how some mean girls treated me are the ones I remember the most. Fast track to high school, if you’re a girl you’d know that crushes occupy a majority of the pages. We can go on forever talking about how cute he is, how a smile from him makes us feel special or recount the “kilig” conversations. Oh teenage life! ๐Ÿ™‚

I still keep a diary and intend to do so ’til my brain is active and I am able to write. I like the feeling of expressing my thoughts on paper and assessing my emotions. Diaries I believe, have helped me see how much I’ve grown emotionally and spiritually. It is a visible testimony of how God works in our lives and how the things He puts us through helps shape us. I opened one of my diaries last night and found this:

I balk at the thought of you reading the WHOLE entry. :-p I was describing how my crush acted when I was with a guy friend, how he locked himself in his car and tore pieces of paper. I guess I flattered myself too much that time! I don’t think he really liked me, but you know the feeling when all your friends tease you? It’s like every little thing he does matters. To make the long story short, the guy never really pursued me. We’re still good friends but we lost touch after we both started working.ย 

Today on the show, I felt it would be interesting to talk about funny and memorable diary entries. Here are some which were shared with me on the Mellow Facebook:

I also gave out a special prize earlier: a Vampire Diaries gift pack courtesy of our friends from Solar Entertainment. ๐Ÿ™‚ Congratulations to VANCE MADRID!

Care to share your own entries? Scan some of your funny or memorable diary entries and send them to me via email. I’ll throw in some spa GCs from Sophiel’s Spa & Salon if I like your entry. ๐Ÿ™‚ Good luck! You have until Friday (January 21, 2011).


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