Spiritual Reflections



Taken from my reflections on August 7, 2010
Proverbs 20:27
The Lord’s light penetrates the human spirit, exposing every hidden motive
This week hasn’t been “eventful” if we are talking about my career, my love life or the other things that take up my time. God has allowed sickness to “hold me down” once again because it seems that I did not learn from the last time I was sick (diagnosed with acute tonsillopharyngitis—July 11, 2010). Let’s talk about my mistakes and what I did not learn from the ATP episode.

1.      I failed to see the time I was sick as a time to bond and enjoy God’s presence. Instead, I griped about being sick, went through my days, worked and even slept late (because I spent it in front of the computer).
2.      The time I could have used to rest, I didn’t use. Even if I was at home, I would go online and keep myself busy instead of resting and recuperating.
3.      I didn’t follow through my daily intake of vitamins because I was thinking I was taking antibiotics and it would fight off any bacteria that would get into my body (I was wrong)
4.      As I gathered a little strength (though not fully recovered), I went on rehearsing because I signed up to do an out of town show (July 18) a month before. I would still go on board at Mellow despite the very nasal voice and then go to rehearsals right after.
5.      I begged off from rehearsals for two days (well, three to be exact if we include July 13 – Typhoon Basyang) and stayed home to rest because I was thinking I had to really get ready for the July 18 show.
6.      July 14-15, not fully recovered but feeling better; went to rehearsals at Marikina.
7.      July 16, rest day
8.      July 17, had to wake up early for the AM calltime. We had to leave for Pampanga before 7AM. When we reached Pampanga, it was a FULL DAY OF REHEARSALS with lots of eating. LAST DAY OF ANTIBIOTICS.
9.      July 18, 7AM calltime for rehearsals. 12nn-5pm lunch, nap, hair & make-up; 7:30PM – showtime.
11:00PM – Left Pampanga for Manila
10. July 19-30, 2010 – Was feeling okay, but began to wonder why I started sniffling and the cough hasn’t gone away even when my course of antibiotics was over. The coughing also felt like it didn’t lessen.
11. July 25, 2010 – Went to church, spoke to Ate Rose & attended service. I will forever remember what she told me about being sick and just resting in God’s peace. I was bound to apply that lesson pala in the coming week!
12. July 31– taught a hosting class in John Robert Powers. Was sneezing, sniffling & blowing my nose non-stop. Didn’t feel right after my class. Kept sneezing!
I walked to Makati Med to have myself checked, but the ER told me that it’s better if a pulmonologist checks on me, since I explained that it’s been two weeks since I finished my antibiotics yet I am still coughing and having signs of colds.
I went home, tried to sleep it off but at around 7pm, I already had difficulty breathing. Was calling other hospitals to see if they had a pulmonologist on board to check on me. Since it was a Saturday, not a lot of the nearby hospitals had pulmonologists. K
I was about to lose hope, when I spoke to Ate Lani online. She told me to just go straight to the ER of the Lung Center. Why didn’t I think of that? Of course they’d have pulmonologists at their ER! J Thankfully, my mom brought me. J
When I got to the ER of the Lung Center, the nurses attended to me right away. They took my temperature, interviewed me and took an XRAY of my chest. Before going to the lung center, I had fears of bronchitis or pneumonia since I had difficulty breathing, felt like choking whenever I’d cough and I haven’t been healed for two weeks na.

The doctor looked at the XRAY and I praise God, my lungs were clear. The doctor continued to ask me questions until he came up with his verdict—VIRAL RESPIRATORY TRACT INFECTION. He didn’t give me antibiotics this time. Just medicines to ease the symptoms and discomfort. I asked him what could be the reason why I didn’t get well even if I took antibiotics. His answer: it’s viral. Antibiotics can only get rid of bacteria, but if it’s a viral infection, the patient has no choice but to wait for the cycle to be over.

I rested Sunday & Monday, just slept the whole day and woke up only to eat and drink my meds. I tried to convince myself that I’d be better by Tuesday, and so when I woke up, I said “I feel better, thank you Lord.” I forced myself to go to work. When I got there, turned the mic on… wala na. I felt my strength and my energy dwindle. It was so taxing to talk. Then my boss walked in and asked me how I was “Why did you go to work? I was just waiting for your text. Okay lang if you need to rest…” then he walked back to his desk. On my way to the restroom, he called me to his table and said “Ingrid, tell me what happened. Are you okay?”
I felt like my body gave up that time. My boss knew and he told me “You better go home and rest. It doesn’t look good. You can go on a sick leave.”
I couldn’t believe what I heard. Looks like God was really telling me to stay stuck in bed to recuperate and spend time with Him.
When I was sick, I had time to listen to a lot of Charles Stanley’s sermons. I was able to read more of God’s word. I even told God I’d stay off Facebook so that I could maximize the time I had with Him.
What did God teach me during that period?
He let me know of things I had to get right with Him. He brought to mind habitual sins that I had to confess, people I needed to forgive and issues that had to be dealt with. The entire week I was on sick leave not only allowed me to recuperate physically, but to set things straight spiritually.
Sometimes, we get so caught up in the busyness of everyday living that we forget our quiet time with God. As Christians, it is essential to always set aside time each day to convene with God. Read His Word, talk to Him and enrich our knowledge of Him and what He wants us to do.
I’d never want to get sick or strapped to my bed ever again, but I have seen “sickness” in a different light since then. God loves us and He wants to take care of us. When He allows sickness into our lives, it’s never because He wants to punish us. God can use diseases/ailments to bring us closer to Him and to stretch our faith.

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