Tonight while walking through the book store after the cantata, I felt that intense fire again. I am happy that the Lord has instilled it in me, because I know I can’t light it on my own. 

December truly is a blessed and stressful month; Getting caught up in the rush of work, events and parties can get stressful and can leave us wearisome. When I bring up the subject of December traffic, all of my friends can pipe in and give their two-cents worth. Everyone’s in a rush to purchase gifts, get things done and weed out of the Christmas rush as quick as they could. 

It would be a little too early to do my 2010 reflections and it might take more than a single blog entry to be able to list them down and really talk about them at length. For tonight, I am immensely grateful for the success of our church’s Christmas presentation “Christmas: The Hope for God’s People”. My singing group 6:33 and I, took part once again and we are happy to have done our part to glorify God through our talents.

On my way home tonight, I bumped into my cousin Raffy and his family. I last saw them early this year but tonight was just so random, but I thank God because we were able to exchange stories about work, family and radio!

Before bedtime, I decided to listen to one of Charles Stanley’s sermons, PASSION: A Passion to Obey Him. Here are some notes and my reactions which I picked up from it:


John 16:26 “Whoever serves me must follow me; and where I am, my servant also will be. My Father will honor the one who serves me.”

*GOD has foreordained that every Christian believer be a servant.
*In the eyes of God, all of us are servants. There is no division between those working in the church and those working outside the church. Once we become Christians, we ought to become SERVANTS OF GOD.

God is still working on us, although we are His masterpieces. We are His workmanship, created in Christ Jesus to do good works which God prepared in advance for us to do.

Being a Christian does not mean we attain perfection as God’s masterpieces right away. As we go on with our lives, God chips away ugly “bumps”, chisels and molds us more into His likeness each day. We only have to be submissive to be able to get to His Will.

REFLECTION: How am I serving God? In what way am I carrying out what He has prepared for me to do?

*Serving God comes naturally in a believer’s life.
Paul – an example of God’s servant who really went through a lot of hardships and trials as He followed God.

Servants are called in different ways. Not everyone has a “Damascus road-experience”, dreams and visions.
God calls us through:
1. The growing impression of the Holy Spirit
2. “Dramatic circumstances” – a trial, a season…
3. His Word and constant prayer

He has called each and everyone of us to serve HIM in different ways. Each of our callings are UNIQUE.

God can use just about anyone for His glory; even disabled people. 😉

*we usually come up with all sorts of excuses to NOT DO what GOD WANTS US TO DO. 
IDOLATRY is US acting like God.

Obeying God should be motivated by:
1. Gratitude towards Him.
2. The fact that God calls each and everyone to be a servant.
3. A vision for God’s greater purpose

CHRIST must be the CENTER, our very life.

We should glorify the living God with how we live our lives.

Those who believe the Lord Jesus, should be discipled and should disciple. Our responsibility is to REACH, TEACH & EVANGELIZE.

Submissive obedience — living vessels of Christ
Every single one of us is commissioned to serve God.
God has a purpose we have to fit in to. 


God is up to accomplishing His will through our lives.


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