11/17/2010 Anyo on Stage 1; 11/18/2010 Imago on Stage 1 :)

November’s been sooo busy for me! The Christmas rush is creeping in, some rehearsals to attend to, classes to teach, events and loads of reading and writing! I love it just the same, it’s just that I do need to space things out just so I’d be able to accomplish everything.

So goes my late upload of photos from the Stage 1 sessions last week.

Anyo did a live set on November 17. Front man Kettle Mata has been on the Afternoon Cruise more than once as a guitarist for solo artists. Anyo includes Janby Teodoro , Jazon Valencia and Kettle’s sister, Snare Mata. The band may be new but it’s members have been in the music industry for a long time as session musicians, producers, musical directors and arrangers.

They describe their music as modern rock but purely Pinoy. Their debut album “Breathe” is available for free download on their website www.morethanasilence.com. When asked why they chose to have it distributed for free, Kettle said that they’d feel better sharing it than seeing their album ripped and copied on pirated CDs. After all, they want to spread good music and genuine Filipino artistry.

ย Eeep! This shot is a little blurry.

This is from their website. Ooh thank God for nice cameras! Haha

The next day, I totally forgot that Imago would be playing. Buhzeekl!!!
My first encounter with them was in a rock concert sometime in 2004, but I never really got up close until they came by for Stage 1. Formed in 2008, the group remains strong and they’re out with a new album called Effect Desired: None.ย 

Imago pic minus Zach! He had to leave in a rush because he had voice-over work waiting for him.
It’s just me, Aia, Myrene and Kakoi.

Stamped with their signature wit, radio-friendly notes and Aia’s powerful voice, Effect Desired: None is the band’s fourth album under Universal Records and is produced by Buddy Zabala and Romel Sanchez. It includes 10 new original tracks and features album art by Cynthia Bauzon-Arre.ย 


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