10/20/2010 Amber visits Mellow; Yeng Constantino on Stage 1

I remember talking to Amber over Myspace years ago when we were trying to get her to perform on Stage1 after she released her first album “Feel Good Music”. Amber’s been to Paragon Plaza so many times but we never saw each other personally. When she finally got to perform on Stage 1 this August, I was down with the flu and had to take the week off to rest. Bummer.

Three years after our exchange of messages, I finally got to see Amber in the flesh. 

Gorgeous gorgeous Amber and mermaid-haired me.

 At 1PM, Yeng Constantino and her band came in to set-up and rehearse for STAGE 1.
(Thanks to our intern Patricia Beltran for the photos)

It was so uplifting to talk to Yeng as she bared her soul. She talked about her journey as a Christian into the music industry, her shortcomings, struggles and surrendering everything to God. I wish that she’d be able to influence more people to get to know Christ and allow Him to direct their paths regardless of what industry they belong to. Most young aspirants get into show business armed with a dream to succeed and make it happen, but what if success does not come easy? I’ve seen a lot of singer friends get depressed because they have reached a point wherein they no longer know what to do with their career. Consulting God in daily matters no matter how minute they seem is never wrong. It is an expression of humility, having faith in God that He knows exactly when and where to lead us (Psalm 25:9; Psalm 32:8; Proverbs 3:5-6).


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