Ms. Friendship:  Thanks for all the blessings I received, despite the problems we’ve been encountering. Hope to have more blessings to come. I would like to greet special someone. for this special day. i miss you mahalko. loveyou always. please play the song destiny by jim brickman. Thanks! more power to your station. mwah!

Rene Paras: OMG, im thankful that the news about justin bieber being a 51 yr old pedophile is not true. my world, and your world were nearly crushed by these rumors. I’m so thankful for the “bieve” as he continues to inspire cute teenagers like me, specially with that “baby baby oh” song.

Venom: hello dj ingrid, still remember me? well my response, im very thankful na masaya naman ang buhay may-asawa at buti na lang di gaano masama ang pagkabagsak ko, naglaro kasi ako ng basketball, sige back to work muna ako, mahirap kasi, baka mahuli ako na nag-iinternet, but im still listening to mellow
Roda: I thank God that He gives me the grace to face every single day confidently, knowing that I can leave lift everything up to Him. Buti na lang talaga, we don’t have to do things all on our own 🙂
Issa:  I’m very grateful because God gave me another year to live. I just turned 21 last 10-10-10. I’m thankful for my family and friends for their warm support and love. I also thank my boyfriend John who’s always been there for me. Well, it’s good to have a rest day today and I have to finish computing my students’ grades and the Afternoon Cruise is playing my favorite acoustic songs. 😀 What a beautiful Tuesday afternoon. 😀

JP: im thankful that my sister got her visa, after requiring her to submit a letter of guarantee that she will not write or publish anything vs. ________________. otherwise, no visa.
Jayson Mesina: ms. ingrid pls. play “run away.” i forgot the singer of that new version.. or any boyz avenue song thanks..  I’m very thankful to god and to the taxi driver, because despite of heavy traffic and rush hour this morning i’m not late on my work.. thank god thats all ms. ingrid.. mellow rulez.. 

Mellow I just met my kuya ystrday tru facebook.He’s my brother on my father’s side since i bel0ng to my fathers 2nd family. It’s been 17 years. 10.10.10 might be lucky. 10.11.10 is much luckier though. God’s will! I love fb YANYAN

mellow hi my name is Jonah, i’m thankful to the Lord for giving me real good friends, they save me from myself. Thanks mellow.

Mellow hello joylyn hir, i just wanna thank u to mellow, i am in d ofc ryt now and im super sleepy, lazy as in major major KATAMARAN tlga but while listening 2 ur music, guys ur keeping me alive hehehe….anyway can u play d song of six invention fallin inlove.gudluck 2 ur show u really rock my world listening u guys everyday.

mellow I’m so thankful 2 God for always giving me strength & good health that i need since i’m the breadwinner in the family. God is so good! From Jelly of makati city

Mellow947 i’m thankful having redge in my life. He’s the most precious gift that god’s gave me. I love him so much. He complete me.! Fr0m: 0utrage0us

MELLOW947 thank god for “day off’s” at least i had a day away from patient’s charts and dozen of medications. Enjoying the music! Love it! nurse john of cavite

mellow thank God i vent my emotions so anger doesn’t breed in my heart I literally run the stress out of my system by jogging and thru listening music sarahLOU

MELLOW hi ms ingrid, erwin here, im thankful coz im still alive, dspite alot of challenges i gonna admit, ths world is still wondrful to live in..thanks for playing a james morrison track, liked it..


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