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Quest on Stage1

Had a very interesting STAGE 1 episode with Quest last week. His song “Back to Love” has been making waves in different pop music stations and it’s good to know that Quest (aka Jose Villanueva III) is out here making a difference, not merely to gain fame or earn money for himself.

Before starting his set, Quest told us about his journey into the Christian faith–what his lifestyle was like before knowing Christ and the path he now treads on, finding a new life and meeting Jesus. His testimony is very encouraging. I’ve spoken to him a couple of times before his Stage 1 guesting and I got the impression that he is truly passionate about his love for Christ and his purpose to make Him known.Β 

Two years in the making, Quest’s album “Revolution” was co-produced by singer/actor Sam Milby. It contains 13 original RnB/Hip-hop tracks that tell of Quest’s life experiences and his spiritual journey. Videos of his performance on Stage 1 will be up soon. Just remember to check back often! πŸ˜€Β 

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