JELL ABDON: Great afternoon to you DJ Ingrid…im still tuning in to your station and will still be up until midnight i want to join ön todays topic …it was a tough friend (as in tough), and strict one who made me realize to be a better one…not to be like her, but the other way around…for it made me see how this person affect people around her.,oh, before i forgot pls…greet my officemates on Health and Beauty Department the ever beautiful ladies, Joan Castro, Ellen Ray Siochi, Paula Monica Macaya, Raquel Carlos, Katherine Marollano, Richeel Valencia, Anna liza Mandap, Marlene Baronda and Ms. Mary Grace Macaroyo who are all tuned in to d afternoon cruise

Maila:: good afternoon ingrid!!!… for the topic.. i am thankful to my exbff at my previous work who betrayed my trust.. it made me realize that you shouldnt entrust everything to someone… even if you treat each other as bffs… there might come a time that they will use every means to ruin your reputation just to be recognize or ‘climb up the ladder’…

ANGELINA JOLOGS: Im thankful to the person who claims until now, that I am her bestfriend because if she did not mistreat and betrayed me in the past, i wouldn’t be the person that I am today. A person with a lot more conviction and discernment when choosing friends. I wish I could hurt her the way she had hurt me. But I know that if I had the chance, I wouldn’t do it because I am a Friend. Dats ol thank u.

FIRE ALEGNA: Thank Tuesday: I’m thankful that my EX’s hurt me, cheat on me and left me because of them I was able to know and feel what is true love and be able to enjoy it and bcoz of those things they did I learn a lot and found my true love and looking forward to be his wife soon.

JAYSON MESINA: I wanna say thank you to my first girl friend, Carla Marzo for hurting me before because of her she made me realized that love is not just a game that you can be fun with others.. and because of what she did to me, I learned alot from her and realized that we must love and take good care of our love one, because when their gone you will never get them back.. So I thank her for all the memory that she left.. thats all ms. ingrid..:)

MARY ANN FERRER: my husband’s ex because of her I proved more that my husband loves me so much and our relationship grew stronger

IBYANG: im thankful for what happened between me and my exbf last 2000, he left me because of another girl…it made me realize that there is life after the break up..because at that time, i was so wasted and depressed…it made me stronger and independent of what happened to us…but now, after 5 years, im so happy with my husband, and i already had 3 kids… and that’s what also im thanking for…that i met my husband and have a beautiful family after my painful breakup with my exbf…

JENNY M: Im thankful for the people who criticize me. I have this officemate that always make Parinig even we are in a public place. Sometime I would want to fight back and tell him to shut up his big mouth. But I told myself will it be make change if I fight him back? Im thankful for this kind of experience because I know Im becoming better person that him.

MIROKU: for Thankful Tuesday, I’d like to thank my long-lost friend, Carla Mendoza. I know we’ve parted bitterly and not really on good terms but I thank her because of the experience, I have never been dissed nor have taken really mean and hurtful words from any other person…
I know she’s doing great and well, and I wish her well, I hope wala ng ibang lalaki ang gagawan niya ng ganun, really receiving the “B-S”
ayun lang… thanks Ms. Ingrid… :)sorry if it was a mouthful…
TESS LOPEZ: for me i have this friend before who hurt me deeply including my family and really betrayed my trust. i’m still thankful that i’ve come to know the so called true friends and those who just pretend to be a friend and then take advantage of the relationship. it made me realize that i still have to make some restrictions with everything that i share with this person even if i’ve already known her for years.


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