Client Party @ Hard Rock Cafe

We treated our clients to lunch and amazing prizes at Hard Rock Cafe today.

The Mellow DJs decided to come as rockstars. Confession: Angel and I agreed over board work that we’d just come in a black top and jeans [tamad mode, what can you do?]. Surprise, surprise!!! Most of the Mellow jocks came in black tops, jeans and dark make-up! I guess we all got lazy?

DJs in black: Alex, Ingrid, Indi and Nina
Angel and Andie

Issa and Vince took it up a notch and took ROCKSTAR to a whole new level [Everyone loved Vince’s fake tats by the way].

Thanks to Jaybee, Issa, Alex, Vince and Angel for the photos! To see the rest of the photos, visit OUR WEBSITE.


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