Miguel Mendoza on Stage 1

I find it a bit difficult describing today’s episode.

First, it’s hard to talk about him on a serious note because Miguel is a joker. 
Second, if I reveal something about him, he might crush me with his gigantic height.

Oh what to do, what to do?

1:02PM: Miguel walked into the studio w/ his backpack and his equally gigantic keyboard. He obviously didn’t have any assistant with him and then he blurted out “Kailangan ko kasi palakihin pa yung muscles ko.” WHATEVS.

He settled into the Mellow couch and set his stuff up. Soundcheck. Mic test. Do-re-mi-fa-so-la-ti-do.

1:15PM Mr V and Angel buzzed about like Tito Boy and Bianca Gonzales when they do SNN [minus the matching outfits and camera angles]. :p

Angel and I went through the final minutes of Office Radio. She started the show with this topic: If you had to choose between a wonderful romantic relationship that would only last for a year vs a so-so relationship that would go on forever, which are you likely to end up with? I just noticed, Angel’s been talking about love A LOT. Ehem. Honey, he’s in Australia. I bet he thinks about you a lot though teehee :p

A lot of people said they’d go for the year-long romantic relationship. Common reasons?
“I’d rather cherish memories of good love.”
“It’s better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all.” 🙂
“I would rather have a year of wonderful love and romance, then years of so-so relationship. So-so relationship can build, but its foundation is shaky. I want romance, passion and grand love!” – Bullet Macapagal

As for those who went the other way…
Okay lang sakin yung so-so relationship that lasts forever kasi wala namang perfect relationship.
“I’d rather have the so-so relationship because you have to work on the relationship with your special someone.” -female DJ who works with me :p
“I’d go for the lasting one. It takes two to tango so how would it last forever if nothing exciting happens once in a while?” – Jommz Pandez

Thanks for the responses people! Back to my story…
2:00PM STAGE 1 – Miguel Mendoza



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