California Nails & Day Spa

After my week-long bout with sickness, I felt the need to relax and de-stress. I know that getting sick was a reminder for me to slow down and take things easy–and I did just that today at California Nails & Day Spa.

The interiors made me happy (you obviously know why)–mostly pink with splashes of green and purple. The place was screaming “GIRLY!!!” all over! ๐Ÿ™‚

I tried out the Spa Manicure & the Paraffin Pedicure. I knew my hands and feet have been asking for it.

The paraffin pedicure started with my feet dipped into the foot bath machine. After which, my nail polish was removed and my nails cut & cleaned. My feet were then filed with a foot paddle to get rid of the dry & calloused skin. If there’s one thing I noticed at this point, they’re very thorough when it comes to exfoliation. After drying my feet, sloughing lotion was applied, followed by a minty scrub.

The paraffin wax was ready, although I found it a bit too hot when I dipped my toe. Word of advice: don’t get too excited to plunge your entire foot into the paraffin tub. The attendants offered to cool the wax with a tiny fan until it was tolerable enough for my feet. I dipped my toes first, “aahing” and “ouch-ing” internally as the wax clung to my skin. The procedure required me to dip each foot THRICE. My feet were then wrapped in plastic and soft booties for about 15 minutes. The treatment was capped off with a 15 minute leg & foot massage.

The spa manicure on the other hand, started with my fingers dipped into a tiny tub of soapy water. My cuticles were trimmed and my nails cut & filed. Sloughing lotion was applied to exfoliate my skin. After washing and drying, the attendant gingerly brushed a soothing spa lotion on my hands. She covered my hands with cling wrap and made me wear comfy mittens for 15 minutes. When the mittens and plastic came off, the attendant gave me a soothing hand & arm massage.

California Nails has 9 branches in Metro Manila:
1. BF Homes Paranaque City: Pergola Mall [492-8238]
2. Oakridge Plaza Bldg. Paseo de Magallanes Makati City [853-9210-11]
3. Market! Market! Mall 3F [886-7400]
4. SM Supercenter Pasig City [706-1088/706-1089]
5. Robinson’s Galleria [638-0717]
6. Robinson’s Place Manila [385-3012/567-1948]
7. Cityland Condo 10 Salcedo Village Makati City [408-2258]
8. Festival Supermall [659-2765]
9. SM Mall of Asia [556-2457]

Other than nail services, California Nails & Day Spa also offers facial & body scrub services, massage therapy and body waxing. They’re also open to little spa parties, just call any of the branches to inquire or book an appointment.


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