07/27/2010 Today’s Visitors: Girlz Ink & Kelsey Adams

12:30PM Bez, Grace, Heart & Hershey of GirlZ Ink visited Office Radio today to tell everyone about their Orange Magazine cover! Donning beautiful gowns instead of their usual dance-comfy clothes, Grace shared that they’re not used to being all glammed-up but they did feel like queens when they posed for the magazine. 🙂 To check out the girls’ photos from their shoot, visit the Orange Magazine website. 🙂

3:37PM Kelsey Adams. Does that ring a bell? The 5’6 beauty has been joining a lot of pageants since she was two and currently has 9 beauty titles under her belt. Oh, and did I mention she’s just 15? She dropped by the show today to talk about her album from Polyeast Records called DEFINITION OF COOL. We listened to some of the tracks and they’re reminiscent of Miley Cyrus, Demi Lovato and Avril Lavigne minus the angst. 🙂 Kelsey says the album can be enjoyed by all ages since the songs preach about experiences almost everyone can relate to.


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