As I promised at the end of the show, I’ll be posting your entries for Thankful Tuesday today! Thanks so much for participating and I’m really happy that a lot of people are practicing the attitude of gratitude. If you make it a habit, you begin to realize how blessed you are and you start being content. ๐Ÿ™‚

Kim: bout the topic..im thankful that i feel better now.i was absent yesterday coz i dont feel good.i feel like im going to have a flu.good thing it didnt push through.i got enough rest yesterday and now i’m able to go to work..:Dย i wish just like angel i met the love of my life as well

Jayson Mesina I’m very thankful tuesday because, this morning my ultimate crush ms. maryanne, notice and greeted me.. I’m so very thankful because even that shes already taken, I think i have a chance to become her friend.. So this tuesday I’m so glad to tell anyone that i’m happy!!!!!!!! thats all ms. ingrid pls. play nman po when your gone by avril.. thnks ms. sexy…mellow rules..

Mina: Im thankful like DJ Angel

Damien John Gudafternun! Seriously, i’m so thankful today! Bumalik na ung water supply dito sa ‘min! After almost a week of igib-sa-poso thing na puro kalawang ung tubig! THANKZ GOD! mellow is THE BEST!

Ana: ย Hi Mellow! I am thankful that last weekend God allowed me to spend it with my spiritual brothers and sisters. I was supposed to spend it with another friend which will put me into a compromise. When I got home that night, I was so thankful that God spared me from doing the wrong thing. It’s so good to be protected by our heavenly Daddy. ๐Ÿ˜€

Angelina Jologs: Iโ€™m thankful to my officemate Abby for lending me a box of ink toner. Just now I ran out of ink while printing the flyers that my boss would bring to South Korea. Although Abby is quite busy, she was gracious enough to help me out with my dilemma. Thank you also to Sarah Lou…Dats ol.. Thank You.

CRA: Im thankful that aftr almst 3mnths of not wrkng and being a bum!finally im bck on trck!1st day of wrk ystrday!

Jenny Manalastas: Hi Ingrid! Im thankful for having a wonderful husband. We just celebrated our 3rd year anniversary last Sunday. I love you so much to my husband Ranniel Mabale!

Marie The Jerky: im thankful that god show me the sign last saturday though its hurting but still im thankful that he gave me the reason to stop and reason start again and become more better and happy in his own time.. Hi to my seatmate macy

Edzon Villarubia: GudafternuN! I just want to say “THANK YOU” for playing two of my favorite john mayer songs!! You made my day complete! I think dat’s wat im thankful for! Haha! Hi to all my friendz in ALFONSO,cavite. See u soon guys!

Yanda: I’m thankful for all of my friends… my officemates and my family for for being with me in this time of trial. Ingrid, what you read was true! You said it wellโ€ฆ I love my friends and my new found friends. I hope I can move forward and become happy again. I’m thankful because I am not alone in overcoming this first real heartache. Thanks, Ingrid!

Dea: I am definitely grateful for I’ve met the person who accepted the real me and who loves me truly. We are now in our 4th year as a couple and we are beyond happy! I love you, dadi.

Mia: ย I’m grateful of this life that He has given me, and for having a great family and true friends like Ellice, Cheenee, Wannifer, Joan, and Akimi.

Zenki: dj ingrid i thank God 4 ds day,coz He has gven u wisd0m awhile 4 gving d best answr, knwing ur purpose first to succeed in life! Glory 2 God! Yes!

Nathan Saez of Sn Pedro, Laguna : im thankful coz god gave me a nice job dat i cn help well my family!

Jaydee: ย hi dj ingrid! may i now the title of the latest john mayer song you just played a while ago? thanks! for the topic, im thankful that mellow djs are really cool! jaydee here.. have a nice afternoon.. ๐Ÿ™‚

SarahLOU:ย long lost friends jp fortes angelina jologs and ermitanyong stalker haha pahamak tong si ermitanyo big hugs

Ted: gudpm ingrid,i wont ever get tired of xpressing gratitude to people,lyk urself,who,sort of,my ‘booster’specialy when things seem not 2 work out d way its xpected!.just by listening 2 d music u played things seem 2 get back on track!..

Robert Bulatao: Hello miss ingrid.. Im thankfull that i am still alive despite of the accident that happen to me.. Im gratefull that i have a second chance to live life! Can i request for use somebody by paramore? I heard it yesterday.. That song just take me to another place! โ™ฅ
Laine: I’m thankful for the fun team building I had with my team mates during the weekend. Glad to get a chance to meet new people. ๐Ÿ™‚ Also, thankful for the slumber party I had with two close friends from the office. Thankful for at least giving me a singing voice to score high on the karaoke when I sang My Immortal. ๐Ÿ™‚ And also thankful for all the realizations that God made me feel and see during the weekend. Much thankful!


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